Organizations that are offering the Layer2 Crypto products to the end user/ Customer. Client is a top level entity in our system and is associated with 1 or more Customers.

NOTE: We can only partner with clients in countries that are not sanctioned by the United States or Canadian governments. Click here to see the latest list. Additionally, clients in some countries may require additional due diligence. Reach out to us to discuss further.

We partner with 2 types of clients today:


This includes regulated financial institutions (FIs) such as Banks, Trusts, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Licensed fintechs, Money Service Businesses in any country not in our sanctions list.


We can only partner with unregulated clients in countries where either:

  1. Layer2 has adequate regulator licensing coverage either directly or via sponsor banking partners (US and Canada today), OR
  2. Licensing is not required for Crypto Custody and Exchange/Trading activities

Next Steps

To setup a new client in Sandbox, go to our Sign Up Page.

To setup a new client in Production, send us a note at or Contact Us via our website.

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