External Identifiers

We allow you to use your existing identifiers of key entities to refer to the same entities within our system. This reduces the integration burden for you, as you do not need to manage and track Layer2 identifiers against the same entities in your system

For example, when creating a customer in the Layer2 system, you will provide the Customer ID as part of creating the record. Any subsequent APIrequests to manage this customer will key off the ID you provided. You can reuse your own internal identifier or issue new ones depending on your needs and information security requirements.

We call these External Identifiers. In general, this model was put into place to reduce your integration efforts and complexity, and have you up and running faster and more efficiently. Currently we define external identifiers for;

  • Customer Identifiers
  • Payor Identifiers
  • Account Identifiers

Where external identifiers are used, you do not need to be concerned about clashes with other Layer2 clients as we ensure uniqueness at the client level.

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