Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawing refers to sending fiat or crypto to external accounts.

To transfer funds between Layer2 accounts, see Transfers. To deposit assets into a Layer2 account from an external account, see Depositing Funds.

Deposit Accounts

There are 3 steps to performing a withdrawal from a deposit account:

  1. Setup a Counterparty if one does not exist for the external account.
  2. Create the Withdrawal using the withdrawals endpoint with the following info:
    • withdrawal_rail set to the ACH, Fedwire or Crypto. NOTE: the destination counterparty has to support the withdrawal rail selected.
    • source_account_id set to the Layer2 account to withdraw from.
    • amount set to the amount that needs to be withdrawn
    • destination_counterparty_id set to the counterparty from step 1. Once you create the withdrawal, you will get a withdrawal_id back that you will need to accept/ execute or retrieve details on the withdrawal.
  3. Execute the Withdrawal - using the withdrawals/{WITHDRAWAL_ID}/accept endpoint .

NOTE: There is no testnet for fiat in sandbox. To simulate a fiat withdrawal in sandbox, you have to use the memo you get in the withdrawal execution in the "Confirm Withdrawal" flow in the Management UI.

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Payment Gateway Accounts

Payment accounts can only receive deposits from external accounts. To withdraw from a payment account to an external account, funds must be exchanged to transferred into a deposit account, and then withdrawn from there.

Yield Accounts

To withdraw from a yield account to an external acount, funds must be transferred into a deposit account, and then withdrawn from there.

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