Layer2 is being used to build a number of different use cases such as Buy/Sell/Hold, Payments Gateway, Payroll, Yield Generation.

We have prepared build guides for 2 popular use cases. These guides should take you about 10 miutes each and will bring to life some of the Key Concepts.

You will need to get Sandbox credentials to follow along. Click here to request access.

Wallet as a Service

Embed digital asset accounts into your experience. Rapidly onboard and enable you and your customers to safely and securely custody and exchange stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, or fiat.Click here to get started.

Payment Gateway, Off-ramp

You and your customers can safely accept payments in stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and settle to fiat or currency of choice. Create invoices, add payors and track payments in an automated fashion.Click here to get started.


you or your customers can safely and securely send in fiat, buy cryptocurrencies/stablecoins and hold or withdraw the crypto. Click here to get started.


With the yield use case, you or your customers can generate yield on your fiat and crypto deposits. Today we support yield generation based on lending and treasury bills. Staking based yield is coming shortly. These yield products are provided by licensed entities. Click here to get started.

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