Layer2 is being used to build a number of different use cases such as banking, payments, on/off ramps and crypto wallets.

We have prepared 10 minute build guides for some of these use cases to get you familiar with the platform, and bring to life some of the Key Concepts.

You will need to get Sandbox credentials to follow along. Click here to request access.


You and your customers can safely accept payments in fiat or digital assets using various rails such as ACH, Fedwire, Swift, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, EFT (coming soon), Sepa (coming soon) and FPS (coming soon). Payments are automatically reconciled to payors, and can be auto exchanged into other fiat or digital assets, auto-settled to an external account.Click here to get started.


You or your customers can safely and securely send in fiat, buy digital assets and securely hold with qualified custodians or withdraw these digital assets to external wallets. Click here to get started.


With the off-ramp use case, your customers (or their payors) can send in digital assets, swap them for fiat, hold or withdraw the fiat to an external account via the supported payment rails. Click here to get started.

Wallet as a Service

Embed fully compliant digital currency wallets/accounts into your experience. You or your customers can use these accounts to deposit, hold, transfer, withdraw, exchange various stablecoins and cryptocurrencies. Assets are custodied at multiple qualified custodians such as banks/trusts. Click here to get started.

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