Subscriptions (also known as webhooks or callbacks) are a means to provide asynchronous responses to you. Subscriptions are event based. The available events are documented below. To receive an event you must register a subscription for the events of interest to you.

Register for Subscriptions

Dynamic registration and callback management are performed through the Subscriptions api which are documented in the api-docs. You can create, delete and list your events. In future, you will be able to view a list of historical events as well as view delivery status and retry.

Subscription Structure

Our subscriptions share the same basic structure.

  • event_id : a unique idempotent UUID. In the event of an event replay, this ID will remain the same.
  • event_date : the date time the event was generated
  • event_type : the type of event with subsequent details specific to the event
  • event_data : business data specific to the event being generated

Our events are purposefully lightweight. They contain only critical information for decision making. Should you need an extended information set, perform an enrichment by calling the appropriate GET endpoint using the IDs provided in the events.

  "event_id": "<unique_uuid>",
  "event_date": "<datetime>",
  "event_type": "<event_type>",

Available Subscription Events

Refer to the Subscriptions Events page to review all available subscription events.

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