Layer2 Financial is a Crypto as a Service that simplifies the complex crypto ecosystem, and enables fintechs, neobanks and banks to offer safe and compliant Crypto Products such as Buy/ Sell/ Hold, Payments, Yield within days (75% faster than other infrastructure providers).

We do this by providing Financial Institutions (FIs) a single easy to use API to integrate with, while we take on the heavy lifting of integrating with various crypto and fiat partners, such as qualified custodians, licensed exchanges, licensed lenders, banks, and crypto networks. We stitch these various endpoints via an integrated omnibus ledger, workflow, crypto capabilities to construct easy to use, fully compliant financial products.


To learn how to use our APIs to build your use cases, you need to understand the following key concepts in our platform. You can go through it one by one or skip to a specific area of interest. Once you are done with the Concepts, suggest you complete our 10 minute Build Guides.

Business Concepts

Technical Concepts

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